Family Violence Support

Elizabeth Morgan Housing Aboriginal Women's Service is a specialist Family Violence Service.  The staff and organisation are committed to working with women and children to assist them to live a life free of violence.  We acknowledge that Family Violence is not a part of Aboriginal Culture and people who use violence should be held accountable.    

EMH recognises that Family Violence can have many varied impacts on women and children and everyone is affected in different ways.  We also understsand that Family Violence can look very different in different relationships and the impacts of Family Violence can continue years after the violence has ended. 

Not all women who have experienced Family Violence need refuge accommodation although this can be a response provided by EMH. EMH takes a holistic response when responding to the needs of our women and children who have or are experiencing violence. 

EMH Case Managers can work with women to assist them to identify their support needs and goals and develop a case plan to address these.  EMH can work with women to understand their rights and options in regards to the legal system including Intervention Orders, Family Law Orders and Victim of Crime Applications.  We assist families to develop personalised and individual safety plans that considers all aspects of a family's life including home, school, work and the continued involvement in community events.  EMH supports women to address financial debts including bills and fines that have resulted from financial abuse knowing that financial hardship can be crippling.

We also acknowledge that children are affected by Family Violence and their needs are to be responded to in a way that they can feel safe, heard and loved.

Women leaving violence relationships often have limited options if they have pets.  EMH can work with the families and other services to ensure that pets are cared for, such as pet foster care, while their owners take steps to create a new home for everyone.      

EMH often works with other services, both mainstream and Aboriginal, to be able to provide such a specialist and inclusive response.