Statistics show that often women and children who have experienced Family Violence also become homeless and find themselves couch surfing with family or friends.  Often families can't all stay together and have to seperate and stay at different homes. This can be upsetting and difficult for everyone involved.

The EMH Case Managers are able to work with women to assist them to get back on their feet and look at their housing options.  We can assist with looking at family's immediate needs such as crisis accommodation as well as referrals in to transitional accommodation and submit applications for long term housing such as the Office of Housing and Aboriginal Housing Victoria.  Where private rental is an option, we can also assist women to financially be able to sustain the home.

EMH Case Managers may also be able to assist women with referrals or direct represenation at Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) for things such as rental arrears or property damage.       

EMH is committed to workign with families to make sure that the homes that they libvein are safe and this can mean making changes to increase how safe the home is by seeking funding to install alarm systems or change locks etc.

If you would like to speak to someone to see if we can assist you with housing please contact us and talk with an Intake Worker.