Intake & Allocations


EMH Intake is often the first point of contact for women or services providers seeking advice on Family Violence issues or secondary consultation.

This is an important pathway and resource for women and service providers as this program offers practical support and information, referrals and advocacy.

The Intake program was established to respond to the increasing demand coming from women experiencing violence or homelessness as well as from other services seeking consultation on a number of issues.  The EMH intake worker is able to provide immediate support to a woman and respond to her needs as identified. The Intake worker will continue to either work with the woman if she only requires short term support or if she needs a Case Manager they will work with her until she is allocated. 


All women who request support from a Case Manager are tabled at an EMH allocation meeting which are held every fortnight.   Women will  be allocated to a specific Case Manager based on where the women lives as well as considering the support  needs and her level of risk.