Specialist Training

Please find below a range of training classes that Elizabeth Morgan House offers to a varitety of workers and organisations. For more information or to discuss booking with us, please get in contact so we can discuss options further. 



Effective Working Partnerships between Koori and Mainstream Services

This is a full day training session that looks at how mainstream services and Aboriginal services can work cohesively together to case manage clients.   The training looks at family violence and homelessness in Aboriginal communities as well as the various Aboriginal services that clients can be linked in to.


Safety Planning

This training is two and a half hour training session designed as an introduction to safety planning.

It looks at what it means to have a holistic and realistic safety plan considering the needs particularly of people from minority groups such as Aboriginal people and refugees.

The sessions looks at the needs of individuals and families as well as how services can assist with our clients being safe.


Crisis to Long Term Training

This is a half a day training session on how Case Managers can assist clients who are in the homeless cycle secure long term and affordable accommodation.

The training will look at

- Effective referral pathways

- How to get money to pay for crisis accommodation

- Types of crisis, Transitional and long term housing options and how clients can access them

- What to document with THM and long housing applications to get clients exemptions due to medical needs or to enhance safety

- When support letters are needed by housing agencies

- What evidence to ask for to make sure that clients are on the correct wait list

- In brief what happens when clients have debts


This training is suitable for both new workers in the sector as well as people whose role does not include securing housing for clients but who work with clients who are homeless


Social Housing and Debt

This is a half a day training session that looks debts primarily accrued in social housing (eg Office of Housing) as well as those from private rental.

The training looks at

- The types of debts – maintenance and rental

- How these debts occur

- How can they be reduced or cleared

- How these debts may prevent/hinder your clients from being rehoused

- What can FV Case Managers do?

- Who can we refer clients to?


The training will also specifically look at debts caused by Family Violence and what Policies and Acts are in place that support them in being cleared.

In addition we will look at how rents are charged by Social Housing for women when they enter Family Violence refuges and what assistance they need from their Case Manager to have their rent reduced.

This training is suitable for Case Managers and Financial Counsellors